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Level 3 Hairdressing Competition

Michael Barrett
Level 3 Hairdressing Competition
by Michael Barrett - Tuesday, 16 June 2015, 10:03 AM

Level 3 Hairdressing Competition

The Ilford Skills Academy  L3 hairdressing competition in May this year, was held the Exchange Shopping Centre, Ilford.

Showcasing her level 3 students work was tutor Cathy McGill with the support of her team and attendance of celebrity stylist Dominika Ka.

Dominika joined forces with CEO Theresa Drowley and VTCT external verifier Melanie Petite to choose the winners from an impressive line up.
1st prize was awarded to Meena Bihall-Davis
2nd prize was awarded to Fadua Elkouiriat
3rd prize was awarded to Angela Wood
A very well done to all of those who took part!