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The Jack Petchey Winners for May

Michael Barrett
The Jack Petchey Winners for May
by Michael Barrett - Tuesday, 9 June 2015, 2:32 PM

The Jack Petchey Winners for May 2015

Congratulations to all the May winners of the Jack Petchey Awards. Below you can find some excerpts from each winner’s nomination form.

 Zoe Nampeera, Level 2 Diploma in Business, Nominated by Shabnam Shaheen and Nick Price

In December 2013, Zoe had been diagnosed with a condition which affected her memory and concentration.  Still undergoing treatment, Zoe then joined Redbridge College in September 2014 and started on a Level 1 Business course but was then put on Level 2 based on her diagnostic tests.  She has worked extremely hard and is always there to help and support others, she is seen as a positive role model by her peers. She has rarely missed a day of college and her punctuality is 100%.  Despite her condition, Zoe has really impressed her teachers by achieving a Distinction grade in all her units to date. Her doctor was also very impressed as she managed to overcome her condition by achieving pass, merit and distinction criteria on her first attempt. Her family are very proud of her as they thought that her medical illness will have a negative impact on her future..  Zoe will complete the course with a Distinction grade and is well worthy of this award.

Charlie Langan, Level 3 Extended Diploma in IT, Nominated by Level 3 Teaching Staff

Charlie has worked extremely hard this year to overcome his fears of starting in a new curriculum area. His ability and determination to change his career plan to embark onto a Computing and IT pathway is impressive.  t was also brave of him to partake on moving straight into a level 3 programme with the minimal of experience and knowledge in the subject.  Throughout this year he has had a positive attitude to his studies and has fitted well into his group.  His commitment is excellent and he is always looking at opportunities to develop his skills. He is currently an Ambassador for the college, always participating in parents evening, open day event and any other events at the college.  Charlie has ensured that he is achieving his best and works endlessly to achieve good grades but still always finding time to help others within his class in areas of specific units he is more competent in.  Over the year we have watched his confidence and knowledge grow and this has enabled him to be more proactive in class, showing team leader skills and being able to take charge of situation, when needed.

Shah Gul, Level 3 Extended Diploma in Business, Nominated by Shabnam Shaheen, Angela Milligan and Sana Malik

Shah started on an ESOL course when she first came to Redbridge College.  She faced many different hurdles as she found it hard to communicate with people but made her way up gradually from a BTEC Level 1 course to a Level 3 Extended Diploma in Business.  Alongside her studies, she used to work for three employers at the same time – weekdays, weekends and evening shifts but still managed to achieve 100% attendance and punctuality and extremely good grades.  At Level 3 she applied for the Careers Academy programme as she believed that it is a great opportunity for her to polish her professional and personal skills and knowledge.  When she got accepted, she had to leave her weekdays and evening job to make the most of the opportunities from the programme.  Due to a bereavement in the family, things became more difficult at home but Shah continued to achieve high grades. Her willingness and positive attitude towards the challenges resulted in her getting a job as a stock controller and being promoted twice.  Shah is predicted to complete the course with a D*D*D* and due to this reason she has received a conditional offer from majority of the Universities that she applied to. She is hopefully going to study International Accounting and Financial Systems Degree at Coventry University in September 2015. 

Giulia Gyan, Level 3 Extended Diploma in Business, Nominated by Shabnam Shaheen, Angela Milligan and Sana Malik

Coming from Italy, Giulia joined Redbridge College on a Level 3 Extended Diploma in Business course.  As English was not her first language, she was quiet most of the times and had difficulties completing her assignments. At one point she wanted to give up as she was not getting the grades she was aiming for.  During her second year Giulia turned around by starting to ask questions and applying herself. She enrolled on to iGCSE English and GCSE maths alongside her main course.  With hard work and commitment, Giulia has now achieved distinction grades in all her units this year. She has developed her communication skills and now has become a confident young lady.  Despite English being her second language and her parents being away from her since she was 16 years of age, Giulia works very hard and with excellent attendance.  A quote from Giulia: I’m thankful to my mother as, even though she still lives in Italy, she has been very supportive to me. I learnt that when you go through hard times that is exactly when you get to learn what your strengths are. This year has been really tough because I'm doing an English iGCSE's and Maths GCSE's course alongside with my business course, but "Never give up" is my motto!