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Jack Petchey Winners for March

Michael Barrett
Jack Petchey Winners for March
by Michael Barrett - Friday, 1 May 2015, 9:06 AM
Jack Petchey Winners for March 2015

We are pleased to present the most recent winners of the Jack Petchey Award, which is designed to recognise, celebrate and reward the achievements of young people.

Each deserving student was presented with a certificate and £200 to spend on a college project, activity or equipment.

Charlee Lambourne Level 2 Diploma in Professional Cookery Nominated by Justin McNamara.  Charlee is a very inspirational student.  She has on-going and considerable health issues which means she is in constant and severe pain. However, she has never once used this as an excuse to miss lessons or events and never complains.   She is regularly the first in the door and the last out. Her attendance is currently at an amazing 96% considering these issues.  Due to personal family issues, Charlee supports herself through college, which is obviously difficult both financially and emotionally.  Charlee successfully gained a place on our Academy programme for the gifted and talented students. This has seen her organise and teach enrichment cookery classes to other students, among others. The whole catering team and her peers see her as a fantastic asset to the department and the college.

Telisha Downer Level 4 AAT Diploma in Accounting Nominated by Suganthini Alaguras and Cheryl Schulte.  When Telisha joined Redbridge College, she was very nervous and watchful. She definitely wanted to study accounting because of her interest in numeracy but had not realised how challenging it would be. The first half term at Level 3 was very daunting for Telisha. Health problems made this difficult and It took a long time for her to trust her tutors. However, she was driven by her peers' motivation who all just want to learn and progress to the higher level. When Telisha contributes in lessons there is pin drop silence as her opinions and questions are valued by her peers. Her arguments are so interesting and powerful that she can divert the class attention into different directions. Telisha has distinctive manners, is very polite and studious but she needs support and direction. She acknowledges her needs and embraces all support given to her to achieve her full potential. She is a pleasure to teach and she enjoys learning. The level 4 AAT is very challenging because it is equivalent to first year in university but Telisha has developed a good work ethic and she is flourishing both socially and academically.

Ellie Livesey Level 1 BTEC Certificate in Vocational Studies - Compass Nominated by Tim Smith.  Ellie's first day at college was a real upheaval as she was so frightened and worried that she would not cope. She hardly raised her head from looking at the floor as everything was totally out of her comfort zone. A support worker followed her around for the day to make sure she didn't bolt out the door at the earliest opportunity.  However, it has now been such a turnaround for Ellie as she has not only coped with the work but she has excelled at it. She is up to date with her work in all areas and more than that she is always the first with her hand up to answer questions or give her opinion on a subject.  In the time that Ellie has been at Redbridge College she has changed beyond compare and it is so nice to see that she is now a well-grounded student who has an opinion about most things. She has also been part of the group attending City Hall and acting out the part, as a WW1 nurse, in front of cameras for viewing by an invited audience later in the year. To see her settled and confident walking around college is something that took courage, from Ellie herself, to overcome. All the hurdles that she may have foreseen in September are a thing of the past. We hope her studies at college bring her more and more confidence, and happiness for the future.

Jeanle Duchen Level 3 AAT Diploma in Accounting Nominated by Suganthini Alaguras and Cheryl Schulte.  Jeanle was an apprentice professional footballer with West Ham. However, his ambition was shattered when he was diagnosed with a medical condition and had to be discharged.  Business tutors had reservations when he joined the fast track AAT Level 2 course as he was easily distracted and needed constant reminders to remain focused. The course was very challenging for him and he did not have the required GCSEs to progress to the next level.  However, through continuous hard work and determination, he completed the Level 2 AAT and progressed on to the Level 3 Diploma.  Now, Jeanle enjoys the course so much that he takes part in open days to promote the course, college and the facilities available.  Jeanle is determined to always be a step ahead of his peers and continues to do hard work so he can prepare himself for the rigours of Level 4 AAT/Diploma in IFS. He comes to college five days a week undertaking independent study as well as GCSEs in English and Maths.  Jeanle also drives his peers to achieve higher goals by meeting with them in the Brook Centre to carry out group discussions and revision sessions. Jeanle is simply a model student who is a pleasure to have on the course.