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February Jack Petchey Winners

Michael Barrett
February Jack Petchey Winners
by Michael Barrett - Tuesday, 24 March 2015, 9:29 AM

February Jack Petchey Winners

Well done to all the February winners of the Jack Petchey Awards!  Below you can find some excerpts from each winner's nomination form.

Mohammed Emran Ali,  Level 3 BTEC Extended Diploma in Business, Nominated by Shabnam Shaheen, Angela Milligan and Sana Malik
• When Emran started the year, he was struggling with his course as he wasn't able to grasp the concept of business properly
• He was also struggling being in a college environment, always keeping to himself, looking at the ground even when speaking to others resulting in him getting low grades and low self-esteem.
• With a push from the business staff, Emran has managed to get back on his feet and started achieving grades that he is most proud of, has developed confidence and self-esteem and has become a different person entirely.
• Emran is now always smiling and likes to contribute to class discussions. He is always helping others when they are unsure of what to do.
• For the academic year 2013-2014, Emran achieved 6 pass grades in Term 1 and 2, with a predicted grade of 'PPP'. This academic year, Emran has achieved distinctions in all his units to date and will complete the course with DDD.
• A quote from Emran: "Overall, my experience in the college has been a good one after seeing how much the teachers cared about my wellbeing and education.  It is now clear to me what I want to achieve due to all the support and care that I have received in college.  I now look forward to attending university next year and achieving something better in life and I owe it all to everyone who helped me to get where I am today”.

Mariyah Umme Kulsum, Level 3 BTEC 90 Credit Diploma in Business, Nominated by Cornelius Ademule
• Mariyah used to be very shy, would not talk to anyone but rather always keep to herself and always used to lack confidence.
• However, being at Redbridge College has made her more confident which allowed her to socialise with other new people.  Being in the Career Academy has also given her direction as to what she would like be in the future.
• She has led her group in raising money for Macmillan; her and her family are also raising money to give back to the people in Bangladesh to help build different facilities that are needed within the area.
• Mariyah however, also has big responsibilities at home including supporting her parents in looking after her younger brother who has a learning difficulty.  This includes supporting her brother complete all of his homework correctly, helping him develop his speech and seeing to it that her brother is all settled for the night and ready for school the next day. 
• Mariyah is also set to achieve Distinctions in the first six units of her BTEC Level 3 90 Credit business course.
•  According to Mariyah "All in all, over the past year, it could be said that I have changed in many ways. From now on, I will not be anything less than confident in anything I do, as this will put me closer to achieving my goals and achieving my dream.”

Adrian Canaii Merriefield, Level 1 BTEC Certificate in Vocational Studies - Compass, Nominated by Billy Saunders
• Adrian is a brilliant student. He has overcome many obstacles but has always completed his work to the best possible standard.
• Adrian has been attending speech therapy recently to gain more confidence in his communication skills. 
• Recently in a team working task, Adrian was required to be part of a group presentation. When it was his turn to speak, Adrian spoke clearly and confidently. Adrian did an impressive job as he has never spoken up in class with such level of confidence and expertise in his subject.
• In class, Adrian is an absolute pleasure to have. He has set his sights high and hopes to become a pharmacist, and  if he continues on the path he has set himself on he will reach his goals with ease and will have a bright future ahead of him.

Mohammed Daraab Hussein, Level 3 BTEC Extended Diploma in Business, Nominated by Shabnam Shaheen, Angela Milligan and Sana Malik 
• Before embarking on his journey to further education, Mohammed had health issues which resulted in poor academic performance. As a result of the low grades he got, he felt like he let everyone down.
• However, Mohammed decided to get back on his feet and he started studying a motor vehicle course which gave him an opportunity to retake his GCSE exam, get an NVQ Diploma and B Grade in English.
• In order to enhance his future prospects, he applied for a course at Redbridge College and was successfully enrolled onto a Level 3 Extended Diploma Business course.
•  He was also successful in securing a place at the Career Academy Programme and was able to undertake an internship at Canary Wharf Group. Whereas before, Mohammed remembers being unsuccessful with job applications, now, he has managed to obtain employment from Chelsea FC and HM Passport Office.
• Mohammed is also predicted a DDD* for his Level 3 programme and is predicted to pass his Functional Skills Maths.
• Mohammed planned to simply leave Redbridge College with a MMM grade but with a push from the business team, he has become an academically orientated student.
• He has achieved a sense of direction and we are very proud of him as he took advantage of the opportunities which have changed his life forever.