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Jack Petchey January Winners

Michael Barrett
Jack Petchey January Winners
by Michael Barrett - Friday, 27 February 2015, 12:49 PM
Jack Petchey Winners for January 2015

Congratulations to all the January winners of the Jack Petchey Awards.  Below you can find some excerpts from each winner's nomination form.
Carley Ross, Level 3 BTEC Extended Diploma in Business, Nominated by Shabnam Shaheen, Angela Milligan and Sana Malik
• When Carley joined Redbridge College in September 2014, she was extremely timid and shy, obviously lacking confidence in herself.  When under pressure she would worry a lot and didn't know how to deal with stressful situations.
• Since joining Redbridge College and being on the Career Academy she has developed as an individual and is going from strength to strength. Carley has been able to build on her confidence and now feels much more comfortable in being herself.
• Through the help of her teachers and Career Academy, Carley has learnt different techniques to ensure that she deals with situations rather than worry and stress herself about them.
• She has now become more confident and mature which has enabled her to gain career opportunities. When she first started Redbridge College, she was too nervous to even go for a job interview; however she has since applied for jobs and was successful with the interview.
• Carley deserves a Jack Petchey award for all the hurdles she has overcome.
Ciprian Matei , Level 3 Extended Diploma in Applied Science, Nominated by Henna Mallick
• Ciprian came from Romania in 2013 and was immediately put onto the Level 3 Extended Diploma in Applied Science.
• In year one he  was the only student to achieve grade A* in maths in the college. He also achieved distinctions in all his units on the BTEC course and is predicted to achieve D*D*D overall.
• He has applied to study forensic science at university and has already secured a few places.
• In class, Ciprian is always giving support to his peers and encourages them to aim high. By nature, he is a very polite young man who shows a great deal of respect to staff and pupils.
• Even though Ciprian came into this college without any formal qualification, the progress he has made has been exceptional and the SAM team are sure that he will exceed in his chosen career pathway.
Courtney  Warren, Level 1 BTEC Certificate in Vocational Studies - Compass, Nominated by Tim Smith and Bernie Roper
• Courtney started Redbridge College as a KS4 student  in 2013 -14, after having bad experiences within the education system. She lacked confidence and also needed extra support in classroom. All of these issues have affected her motivation to study resulting in a few disciplinary meetings.
• She has come back to college this year like a different person.  Her attendance has improved and she is now more focused with her work.  She tries exceptionally hard in all lessons and even asks for extra work. 
• She has a wide circle of friends and is very quick to tell them to be quiet in class because she cannot concentrate. Her tantrums have ceased and she is becoming quite mature in her attitude and outlook.
• In class she is always quick to read aloud and has an opinion on most subjects.  She has written some fantastic blogs and helps others in the group complete their work. 
• Courtney deserves this award to let her know that her great improvement has been seen by all and we are sure that as she grows in confidence, we can expect more wonderful things from her.
Courtney  Vanderhave, Level 2 Art and Design, Nominated by Pete Herbert
• After being transferred from Level 3 Art and Design, Courtney interacted well with her peers and did her best to catch up on missed work.
• She was the one to watch, the quiet one that gets on with the job without complaint and will try new things when others display trepidation.
• Despite coming from a troubled background with the odds seemingly stacked against her, she was given an opportunity do something with herself which she has taken.
• She has stayed focus, forged friendships and maintained a professional attitude.
• She has taken to art installation work with imagination and conviction, completing a video task before anyone else.