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December Jack Petchey Winners

Michael Barrett
December Jack Petchey Winners
by Michael Barrett - Monday, 2 February 2015, 10:38 AM

December Jack Petchey Winners

Thank you for your nominations for this month’s Jack Petchey Awards. We are pleased to announce the following winners for December Jack Petchey Awards: 

Veronica Salako - Level 3 BTEC Extended Diploma in Business, Nominated by Shabnam Shaheen, Angela Milligan and Sana Malik After Veronica got her GCSE results, she did not achieve the grades she anticipated which demotivated her and knocked her confidence. As an alternative route to get to university, she decided to join Redbridge College in September 2012 on the BTEC Level 2 Business programme. This resulted in being a fantastic year for Veronica, where she achieved a Distinction grade in the course, was awarded ‘Student of the Year’ and progressed confidently onto the Level 3 Extended Diploma course. Veronica got accepted in the Career Academy Programme and successfully completed a six week internship with Morgan Stanley where she received outstanding commendations for her work ethic and significant contribution to the team. She has an excellent record of attendance and punctuality; currently at 100% and her work ethic is admirable as she has managed the diverse workload of the course well and has submitted assignments on time and of a high quality. Veronica also currently works part time and has excellently managed employment alongside her education. She has developed excellent team working skills as well as the ability to meet deadlines and work under pressure. Veronica always has a smile on her face is also very popular amongst her peers and will always go out of her way to help others, especially if they are unsure on the task set or have any problems. This shows Veronica is a compassionate young person who makes the time to help others. 

Nancy Elizabeth Modhu – ESOL 19+ Entry 3 Full-time, Nominated by Theresa Raffin Nancy is a student who appears to be shy and lacking in confidence but who has made great efforts with her spoken English to dispel this image. Her natural personality is outgoing and she has a great sense of humour. As her fluency in English develops so does her confidence and it is pleasing to see her natural personality shine through. In terms of commitment to her course she has attended 100% and applies herself enthusiastically to all tasks set. She has begun to develop an ability to assist other students in class, even though she is the youngest member and is very respectful of other students' cultures and backgrounds. She would really like to work in Fashion Design and has made efforts to research suitable courses for the future. Although she sometimes wants to 'run before she can walk' we are careful not to curb her enthusiasm and we assure her that having a solid grounding in the basics of the language will serve her well in the future. She is mature enough to recognise this. Although it's a well-worn cliche, she really is a pleasure to teach and the whole class benefits from her presence. 

Tyler Steadman - Level 3 VTCT Diploma in Theatrical, Special Effects and Hair and Media Make-Up, Nominated by Charlotte Garner Tyler has had to deal with the shock of her mum’s illness as well as being a carer for her. Despite these challenges, she was able to excellently manage her new responsibility alongside her education as evidenced by her admirable attendance and punctuality. She has also taken part in all of her assessments and has competently managed to hand in all of her homework on time despite all her responsibilities at home. Tyler is always happy and a pleasure to work with in class. She is an inspiration to her class mates that even if there are boundaries, you can still achieve and be on and above target in your course. 

Esin Boyraz – Level 3 BTEC 90 Credit Diploma in Business, Nominated by Tina-Kaye Fennell, Cornelius Ademule and Angela Milligan Before joining Redbridge College, Esin Boyraz completed the first year of her A Levels (AS) but did not get the result she was hoping for. This practically broke Esin that she lost her self-confidence and the need to continue to study. However she found her way back when she enrolled at Redbridge College and had since been doing well, already securing three Distinctions in her current business units. Esin is heavily involved in charity work such as helping raise money for gay rights, taking part in local community work, including charitable deeds in Turkey where she travels every year to give clothing, food and money to the less privilege. She eventually hopes to continue to use her business study knowledge in the voluntary sector as part of her future career and link up the wealthy in the West to the poor in the Third World countries. In her academic study, Esin is a highly motivated and hardworking student. Apart from being the class representative at the student voice, where she continuously provides support to her class and is a positive role model, she is also a member of the Career Academy Programme. She always encourages the students to do coursework and have a positive attitude towards the teachers. Her attendance and punctuality is exceptional at 100%.